Tupac comes back to live at Coachella Festival


Freej Folklore - the latest Big Event in Dubai using the Eyeliner technology

Eyeliner Musion Holographic TelePresence featured on CNN Business Traveller Channel

Last weekend
Japan's most sucessful rockband ever, X Japan, reunited ten years after they split. They
played 3 consecutive soldout nights at Tokyo Dome, the biggest event hall in Tokyo. A
total number of 200,000 visitors attended the concerts and went crazy. Now, here comes
the clue: Lead Guitarist "Hide" committed suicide 8 years ago (long live rock'n roll!) We
made the impossible possible, in only 2 weeks production time we reproduced him from
archive videomaterial, gave him some fake legs as we only had upper body shots and made
him appear for the last encore to play a song with his fellow members (see picture)!

Prince Charles on Youtube

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Modelless Fashionshow at Grand Central Station NY

Al Gore’s holographic opening of live earth 7-7-7

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The Artistic Director gives an explanation supported with a couple of slides